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This summers blockbusteres...and some oldies


Ok, ok, I know what your thinking. low could I have stooped? Well, allow me first to explain myself....uh..alright, so pretty much all my friends either have work, are on vacation, or in some foriegn country, so I have a lot of free time, but luckily I discovered Adult swim on demand, and well, I found some pretty kick ass TV shows on it (Home movies, Brak show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, ect.) So I decided to watch at least one episode of whatever it was showing, such as dot hack (cough cough) and some weird thing called S cry Ed or whatever. Anywho, I found this buried treasure and I thought it sounded kinda gay cause the main character was a girl with a very japanese name (Hitomi), but then I thought *be open minded* because I thought home movies was stupid to, but it turned out to be the best show ever. So I started watching this movie and DAMN, this is a good movie. It starts off with a amazing katana swordfight on the bow of a airship between this guy named van, who is the last decendent of the white dragon clan. The story of this movie is not as confusing as most japanimations are, in fact, its not half badly strung together. I mean, you might have to rewind a few parts to really understand whats going on, but for the most part its a good storyline. The voice acting is good, not great. Its pretty much what you would expect from a japanese dubbed cartoon, but you can bareley tell it was dubbed. They got the english voices almost seemlessly into the characters and they kinda grow on you. The animation is a fairly good. The characters are cool, and the world is very fantasy-ish. But with all the other animations that are comning out these days, its not really top of the line. The music is very nice, but the satanic music, when they unlock escaflowne is...well, if you listen to the lyrics, its just "Esca...flowne....esca....flowne..." or at least im pretty sure. It could be my imagination...ah whatever. This movie was great. The only downside is that its to much of Hitomi! I want more swordfights with van! GOD!

Soundtrack: 8

Story: 7

Character development: 9

Overall grade: B+


Yes, this movie had me on the edge of my beanbag (My catchfrase). Hey hey hey! Tom cruise is in this sucker! Hes my favorite actor, so you might see this review as a little bias. Anyho, I saw this a couple hours ago and MAN, what a action packed much so that my head almost popped. This is a good film, and its not the usual independence day type movie. Its mad cool, this movie. Its the story of a simple lower class (Bastard yankee fan) man whos devorced with his wife and has two kids that he has no idea what to do with them, and suddenly these aliens show up from the ground in this robots, inpenetrable and destroying earth. Not only does this movie show the gritty realism of the destructive, greedy human nature, and what ends they go to to survive, it also shows how useless we really would be against a higher intelligence. The characters in the movie are put together nicely, but dakota fanning (the little blonde girl) is just a pain in the ass. The movie starts off great, with a day after tommorow style storm, lighting, then gigantic robots. The way that they defeated us was original in its own way as well. What they do is pick us up in there tripod style ships, beat us on a rock, and stick a probe in, sucking us dry, then sprinkle our organs and blood on the ground, causing a red blood/organ vine to grow (which is why mars is red I believe?), which is friggin DISGUSTING(props from my sister on that). The movie was great, even close to a tearjerker (close, not really though) but then it just falls flat in the final moment, just when I thought this movie was diffrent then signs. I wont give anything away, but you will see for yourself how the ending seems kinda rushed and near impossible. Its writing a book, then realising you only have 1 page left to end it right when your in the middle, which makes this have a run of the mill hollywood ending. All in all however, this is a great movie.

Soundtrack: 7.5

Filmography: 8

Story: 9

Character development: 7.4

Overall grade: B


In short the move “Taxi Driver” is a nightmare, but a brilliant one. The main character is Travis Bickle, played by Robert De Niro (Raging Bull). Travis is a Vietnam vet, who is going crazy. He has become such a secluded person, he does not know what to do or say when encountering other people. The movie is about Travis and how he deals with the people he encounters in his taxi journeys. Truly a must see. A-

More to come. Be sure to read whats here, because I delete to make space!

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