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Some of the TV shows that seem to go unnoticed...and some that just kick ass


God, home movies, what a KICK ASS SHOW! This is by far the funniest show I have ever seen...well, not the FUNNIEST, but its up there. The show revolves around 4 people; Coach McGurk-the soccer coach and wash out, Brendan- A 8 year old actor/director, Jason- Brendans stupid 8 year old actor buddy, and Melissa- The smart, steriotypical ( I think black) girl of the group. The show is split marvilously between hilarious scenes of coach McGurk and how his only friends are the principle, people online, and the 8 year olds (its not sad, its funny) and the funny pre-pubesent antics of those 8 year old wippersnappers. I must say, this is a very good show. The animation sucks balls, but thats what makes it funny right?

Characters: 10

Series: 10

Animation: 3

Overall grade: A (Forget the animation)


What WAS a mediocre game is *GASP* a TV SHOW! And what a BAD one at that. Ok, let me first start of saying...for a game with kick ass swords and characters, why is there no fighting! Thats right! In all the episodes Ive seen the characters are ready to fight, there PREPARED, hell, there in mid swing with the scene cuts to some bull shit dude talking about "The world" and the characters and real life people. Its pretty much a bunch of mumbo jumbo bullshit...why I watch it? Cause im going to try playing the game again. God...Im really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Animation: 10

Characters: 8

Overall: C- ( I know, its sounds weird, but for its genre its a C-)

I will delete old shows eventually, so read what you can.