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The Great Raid


Over the 2005 summer  the movie, The Great Raid came out. The Great Raid is a World War II movie about a raid on a prisoner of war camp in the Pacific. It is set towards the end of the war and the Japanese are retreating from the Philipines. The prisoners are skeptic of General MacArthur's plan to save them, for he fled to Australia in the beginning of the war to escape Japanese forces. However, he has decided to conduct a raid on a prison camp on one of the few remaining camps. At one point there were over 10,000 American prisoners, this camp barely has 500. Benjamin Bratt (Law and Order, Miss Congeniality) is the commanding officer and they must plan out very carefully the raid. As the plan moves into action he discovers much more about this camp than Gen. MacArthur originally thought. This movie takes a little too much build up, but the final actual raid scene is really good. Well coreographed and filmed, it saves the movie. B-



Chinatown is a film noir, and a great film. The main character is played by Jack Nicholson (As Good as it Gets), and he plays the role to perfection. Faye Dunaway (Network) also co-stars. The movie is set in early Twentieth century Los Angeles, and Nicholson plays a privite investigator specializing in sexual affairs. Dunaway appears in Nicholson's office one morning discussing an affair case with Nicholson. As he investigates one controvery leads to another until Nicholson discovers a horrible secret involving most of the cities officials. A- 
Sin City
Sin City is a film that resembles many movies including Pulp Fiction (1994). The movie entwines several good stories.  The first one we truly see is Bruce Willis (The Sixth Sense) the cop and his everlasting battle between sex offenders. There's also Clive Owen (King Arthur) and his service to Old Town and the prostitutes. Jessica Alba (Honey) an exotic dancer who is connected to everyone. This movie is really quite good. Although it may not be as good as Pulp Fiction, it definately is fun movie and a definate watch.  B