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I review any game that I thought I should warn you about, or try and coax you to get it.


Leon Kennedy is back in capcoms latest edition to the resident evil family. Now a secret agent for the United States, he is sent to a small village in spain where the presidents missing daughter, Ashley, is rumored to be seen. But leon is impeded by angry villagers, hidious monsters, and mysterious hooded cult members. A visually stunning game, resident evil draws you in with realism that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Capcom put this game in extreme detail, including blowing up sticks of dynamite in mid air that the angry villagers throw at you.
The game also offers you goodies at the end of the game including two mini games! One where you play as leons old friend ada wong, and the other where you play, not one, not two, not three, not four, but five characters(including an old face from the first game) in a game called mercenaries where you must get as many points by killing enemies as you can in a time limit while picking up time bonuses.
The sound quality is just as good as the animation: Succeding in capturing you, and imersing you into the amazing world capcom had created.
I could go on forever, since there are just so many cool things, but I recommend you find them out for yourself!

-T wu

Everything perfect. 10s all across the board.


Mercenaries: Playground of destruction is one of the best games I have ever had the pleasure of playing on the Playstation 2. This review wont even begin to scratch the top of the surface of the game, but let me just start out by saying this game is for every type of gamer.
You can choose between over 5 diffrent factions to ally yourself with and explore the small, homey one room Head Quarters of that faction (South Korea, China, Allies, and the Russian Mafia) and do little quirky things such as make coffee, drink coffee, organise, file through file cabinets, bike on one of those statonary bikes, and even have the option to sit down. You have no idea how, for some reason, that sit down option really gets my motor going.
You can free roam a world almost, not quite, but almost as big as grand theft auto san andreas, jack any vehicle tank, car, helecopter, ect.
You can destroy anything in the game. Thats right. Once you get into the game you get the bomb strikes which can level one of the very detailed citys to mere rubble.
You can also call for extraction, land a small team of marines into a North Korean factory and safegaurd it, all without even taking on a mission.
This game is amazing. Let me warn you though. The game may be fun to a fault, and amazingly great, but the difficultly (Especially with the Ace contracts) is out of the roof.

Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Story: 10
Combat: 10
Overall: 10

Amazing! But please put some difficulty options so I dont have to take on the entire north Korean army.


uuuuuuhhhhmmm....well...I think sega made a mistake with this one. YOU MADE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!
Ok ok that was a little harsh right there, I apologize, but really, the mistake is making it for the ps2 when it clearly would have pleased gamers more so on gameboy advanced, concidering thats how good the graphics are. I keep waiting for some good CG movie like YS: The Ark Of Napishtim is suppose to have, but nope. All little crappy gameboy people moving in a crap 2d world. Thats right, the backrounds have some shitty "Hand drawn" look to them. I mean, even on the PS1 with Final Fantasy 7 the backrounds looked better then this shit.
The story is crap at worst, and so so at best. You play the role of Xion, and, as most shitty RPGs that seem to coming out on the eve of Fable the lost chapters and Kingdom Hearts 2, suffer from loss of memory (Im not even going to TRY and spell it, cause I dont want to end up like the game...thats right, they spelled amnesia(?) wrong.) You live in a massive walled city with no army that, *GASP* gets attacked, as usual. You also have these two rings that are to rushed into the story that, depending on who you are with, changes your personality. You could either be a calm, willfull warrior who is just the exact same piece of shit you were before, or you change into a badass sporting the words such as "HECK!" and "CRAP!" that you would have NEVER said before. You and your 2D companions then can go and fight in mission based battles, just like my arch nemisis, Arc the Lad: End of Darkness. The opening movie is shit as well, its like south park animation (Before they were rich) with a friggin pixie and a okay looking bard. Oh well!

Story: 6
Music: 7
Combat: 7
Graphics: 3.9
Overall: 5.8

I cant believe I mowed the lawn 6 times for this piece of crap!



Anyway, now that thats out of the way, lets get on with the review, shall we?

Arc the lad Twilight of the spirits is a excellent game, and I mean X-A-LENT! The graphics, although they really dont stand up to the full potential of other games on the PS2, are sharp and beautiful. The facial expressions are greatly done, and really put the game into perspective.

The soundtrack for this game is one of the main reasons why its so damn good! The suspense music alone has me prancing about in pent up anxiety. The happy music has me laying back, full of myself because I just saved lilia..again, and carried her to safety on my broken, bleeding back. The action music, which includes full on rock, have me jumping out of my seat, screaming for blood...well, not really...Im kinda lazy like that.

THE COMBAT! Oh god, its one of the main selling points! With a clash between turn based, strategic, and real time, this games combat hits the nail on the head. You have your character, and a large blue circle depending on their mobility. You move the player about in real time(Real time combat, anyone?)Then stop and pick your action, be it heal, amazingly beautiful spirit strikes, or just plain attack, and commence. The turn ends, and, with the climactic music keyed, you hold up your character there. I always loved the strategic parts, sending my big bruiser character to one part of the map, be it a bridge, narrow passage, ect., where only one at a time can come, and have him hold my flanks by friggin DESTROYING the opposition, one by one.

Now onto the story. By far, the story is what really gets me. Its about a on-going war between two species, Humans and Deimos (Deimos are monsters who can talk, and are smart, ect.)The story is tacticly(Which I must say was a brilliant move for Cattle call)Between two brothers, a human and a deimos. The human, a prissy, whiney, and feminin prince is called kargh. I know, such a barbaric name for a man who runs and swings his hips. The first part of the game you control pussy lad here, but hear me out. Kargh is the top seed to become the next commander of the defense corp., the small unit of tactical militia, numbering about 12 total, that protect the small town of Yewbell(A lovely little town with mills, and friendly fishermnan) From the outside monsters. Just the name, Defense Corp. Is kickass alone, but thats not just the greatest part. As small as Yewbell is, its still part of the grand alliance, a coalition of continents that formed for the greater peace of the world. As kargh begins the story, Yewbell is being threatened by an invaiding armanda of Diltzwell airships(YES! AIRSHIPS! LIKE FF9!AINT THAT SO COOL!?) And its up to kargh to go find military support in the alliance central of cathena. Great stuff, but the real cool part is darc, the half human half deimos, full badass. I wont spill any details on him, find out for yourself, but he alone makes playing pruss bag karghs story chapters worthwhile...Now, sadly, onto the bad parts.

The characters, although the voice acting is marvelous, fall flat for me in the long run. There really fun to be, and I had a great time playing the game, but the only real personality is from Darcs Deimos unit. Also, Kargh runs like a girl. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THAT!?

Ok, here we go:

Graphics: 8

Sound/Music: 9.7

Story: 10

Combat: 9

Overall: 9

Great job cattle call! Keep up the good work and dont change!



Ok, I feel a little- FUCK YOU CATTLECALL- better. Ok, First off, this game FUCKING SUCKS NUTS! I MEAN SUCKS TERRIBLE KNUTS! BIG DISGUSTING HAIRY TENTICALS (yes, Tenticals.) It does NOT do justice to the Arc the Lad series. I dont even want to go into it right now....But I will, for your sake, my viewing pleasures. For one, theres no more voice acting. Thanks a fucking lot for making me now scroll through entire converstaions when I used to be able to take a piss, AND listen to what was happening. DOWNGRADE!

Graphics have no changed, at all, and its been like, 3 years. I mean, you cant go wrong with the same graphics but...with whats coming out on the PS2 these days and the ps3 on the horizon, you FUCKING CATTLE CALL could have done a little bit better. DOWNGRADE!

The story...THERE IS NO STORY! NONE TO SPEAK OFF! If you check the website, it just says "Blank blank on an adventure that pits nature against technology". Bullshit! BOLOGINY! BULL AND BOLOGINY IN ONE BIG BULL-BOLONIY SANMICH! You do missions that are basicly go to almost pre rendered backround, kill 3 friggin squirrils that hop around, get one point, do missions like that 10 more times, upgrade, do it again. DOWNGRADE!

The exactly the same. EXACTLY! So its not really a downgrade, but im on a roll so...DOWNGRADE!

And the combat...Its real time, and basicly its just hit or miss. To my knowledge theres no blocking, so its just poung that x button fast, and continue to the next one. DOWNGRADE AGAIN BITCHES!

And the finale...*SIGH*

Combat: 5

Graphics: 8

Sount/music: 7.4

Story: 2

Overall: 6


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