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My video game/book

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I have currently finished my book and begun my video game.

The continent is Gigial. It is split in several sections. The top right is the kikutinz territory, the only stepping stone the empire needs to control all of the continent. The bottom right was lunder, a modern world currently fighting against the empire. In the middle is a massive desert. It is said that in the heart of the desert lies a oasis, surrounded by a small samurai village. The village is suppose to hold the key to the cloud city. To the upper left is the empire. To the bottom left is the port city jaaut. It is under empire's flag now.


Reen luson looks mostly like this. He is working for the kikuta army as a Lt. against the empire who have currently taken over 2 of the 5 gated citys.


Cloian banzine. He is reens best friend since they both were young. He works with cloian against the empire. A sudden twist of fate pits cloian against reen, and hense the battle for the world began.


Cloian. After being tortured by the sorceress he slowly went insane. She imployed him into her army and he is currently trying to stop reen.


He is the lead BORN. He was cloned by the empire to create a powerfull army. After the borns were wiped out in the born war, they were thought to be extinct, but the original lives on, as reens father.

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